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Here are the world best countries to pick up women. i would like to compare Estonia to Russia & Ukraine.

We based this list on various criteria: Safety, women’s beauty, Country hospitality, cost of living, average level of english , women accessibility, mind-set.. Compared to Russia, I think that Estonia is still under-estimated today. Those last 3 years, the cost of living tremendously increased in St petersburg & Moscow & Kiev.

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Furthermore, the cost of living in St Petersburg & Moscow have risen up those last 3 years.

Crimea should be the place to go this 2016 summer as russian people will stop going on vacation to Turkey.

You don’t need a visa if you come from within Europe or USA.

Tallinn is obviously safer than Russia and Ukraine today.

There is no male immigration and consequently no competition. Women are lay-back, easy going and not judge mental in NZ.