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I was confused and I didn’t realize it was a ghost until later, but by that point I was scared.” 16.

The writers almost scrapped Tyler character entirely!

Apparently it was too “Italian” for the world of Mystic Falls. If you thought Damon Salvatore was too good to be real, guess again!

Stefan and Damon originally went by the surname “Whitmore” just like their Uncle Zach, Elena’s friend Aaron in Season 5, and the college most of the characters have been attending since the fourth season began. The character was actually inspired by executive producer Les Morgenstein’s childhood friend.

), Candice and Joe got engaged in Italy, and tied the knot a year later in New Orleans! One of the cast members is related to an on-screen icon. None other than Steven Mc Queen, whose grandfather is the legendary “King of Cool” Steve Mc Queen!