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), and Michelle knew from the moment she laid eyes on Graham that he was BF material. I was like, 'Okay, this is going to be a really fun experience,' " she told was on the air. Anybody would be lucky to date her." Adorable, we know — but what happened once the cameras stopped rolling?

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She frequently posts photos of herself with the reality stars she has dated, as well as other cast members from various seasons of ABC’s popular reality show.

Ash Lee immediately latched on to Graham on the premiere, making it clear to Clare Crawley that no one was allowed to date her man.

Why won't Bunn be partying in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico alongside Kirk De Windt, Tenley Molzahn, Jaclyn Swartz, and Ashley "Onion Girl" Salter? "[ABC] did express some interest, but I'm actually dating a very lovely lady that I like very much so I did not have to go back to paradise," philanthropist Bunn told Us at the June 8 LYCOS Life launch party in L. "I think people have had enough of me, I've been on a few shows." PHOTOS: Bachelorette relationship updates Bunn's luck in love comes after he was publicly rejected by Pappas, dated days.

"She's great, and has been very supportive," Bunn told Us.

Her name is Jessica Roberts, and by the looks of social media, they’re adorable together.