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"I think that was a very insulting thing for him to do, so obviously we can't talk," Anderson says. Anderson blames drugs for some of Reynolds' odd behavior.

When Quinton, 7, visits his father in Florida, Anderson insists that a nanny be present. In her book, she writes that he has taken Percodan for pain, Valium for anxiety and Compazine for their side effects.

With one grandchild and another on the way, a part of her was relieved when it turned out to be false alarm, "but I was also a little disappointed.

I like being a mom." A regular on "WKRP in Cincinnati" and "Nurses," she would like to do another TV series.

The tabloids had a field day with that, inferring that she was afraid of sexual abuse, but Anderson says that was never a concern. "The physical abuse I always blamed on the drugs," Anderson says, detailing beatings that left her bruised all over her body, except her face.