court opinions dating - Ubuntu vuze not updating

I mean, is it wanted, that an application updated itself?

Firefox can update itself, but the function was deactivated and an 'apt-get upgrade' updates firefox to the new version.

Vuze has a built in upgradeing system, yeah, It would be smarter to leave it to the package manager, but the package manager hasen't switched to the newest version, and can't keep up with Vuze's built in system.

On Sun, 2008-11-23 at 0000, bugmenot wrote: It might be a good thing that 'apt-get upgrade' updates azureus and not the build in azureus update manager, but then the update manager should be turned off by default.

Now the update manager starts when you start vuze for the first time.

It asks to update and when you agree, it asks to restart.

After restart, it asks again if you want to update and asks again to restart.