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Anderson, who is his wife, live with their two daughters.

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Connolly, who was formerly a journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Anderson joined the commission as a researcher after earning a master's degree in sociology from Columbia University, and teamed up with Mr. Getting to know their subjects was made easier by the fact that the pair do not travel with film crews or other assistants who could get in the way. Anderson were closely identified with the Ganiga, they said, other tribes perceived them as neutral once the film makers had moved among them. Anderson had been filming the tribal war, which would ultimately claim hundreds of lives. "But the tribal leader said, 'No, don't kill these two.

Virtually self-contained, they own and operate their own equipment, and serve as their own producer, director and even accountant. But the pair eventually had to abandon the highlands after an act of kindness eroded rival tribesmen's perception of their neutrality. When they drove a warrior related to the Ganiga to a hospital to have a six-inch arrow removed from his chest, and paid for his treatment, a rival tribe viewed them as taking sides. In an earlier incident, when the film makers found themselves surrounded by a hostile tribe, it was more their previous work than notions of neutrality that came to their rescue. They made the film "Joe Leahy's Neighbors" and people as far away as New York City saw that film.

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The film, shown last April at the Museum of Modern Art as part of the New Directors/New Films series, has been widely acclaimed by critics.