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The ladies in the ladies’ room were not happy about these odds. I’ve seen a number of articles complaining about women being picky, unpractical, searching for a non-existent ideal, slutty, whatever, so despite the controversial and disconcerting nature of the aforementioned article’s subject matter, this a refreshing finger pointed in the other direction, because people, the problem of our dating culture can’t simply be blamed on one (women) or the other (men).

On a happier note, I met a lot of women I liked tonight. It’s an uncomfortable shift on both sides we’re negotiating here and it doesn’t matter how it started.

“And there’s no evidence that red captures the attention more,” says Elliot.

In some contexts, in fact, he’s found that the color is something of a turnoff.

” Men who thought they were going to meet the woman in blue went more boilerplate, like “What’s your major?