dating site for for women - The candidating process for a pastor

I remember when I first sensed God’s calling on my life.

What is your opinion on non-traditional forms of worship (e.g., Theatrical productions, multi-media presentations, etc.)? How much time (weekly) have you carved out of your schedule for counseling? Are there any points in our doctrinal statement that you would not or could not affirm? What is you view of the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit? How would you advise a person who comes to you and says he or she wants a divorce?

How have you handled pastoral counseling in the past?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that I do not see a difference between an elder and pastor.

I see all individuals called (I am intentionally using that word) by God and affirmed by His people in the role of elder as pastors and pastors as elders.

What role does personal evangelism play in your life? What steps do you follow to lead someone to Christ? Describe the role of accountability for a pastor and how that has been a part of your life. How are you strengthening and growing your relationship with the Lord?