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There are a lot of things that are actually kind of fantastic the second time around, not the least of which are second weddings and vow renewal ceremonies. You’ve done all the hard work of finding your perfect match, the least we can do is provide information and resources that will make your second marriage or vow renewal a bit easier!

So, now that you’ve found the proverbial needle in the haystack for a second time, or have decided to recommit yourself to the one you love… From tips and articles on finding the perfect wedding dress for your second wedding or vow renewal, staying calm during the planning process, understanding second wedding etiquette and answering questions you never thought to ask. And how do I bring up the “p” word when I’ve just promised to marry the person I love?

And while it is a very personal commitment, sharing it with your friends and family is part of its magic and memorability.

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We’re loving his use of color and infusion of vintage spirit too. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so you want it to be one that not only you remember fondly but that your guests do too.

To make this day all the more special you may want to consider some unusual entertainment – which has grown in popularity over the... America has more honeymoon options than anywhere else as well as some very unique honeymoon packages. You could sip cocktails by the pool or abseil down a rocky cliff face. Wedding trends tend to change from year to year, providing new brides with something new to look forward to. You can go as far as you want when it comes to doing your theme justice. You’ll have a traditional, dramatic look for the aisle and something a bit sexier and flirtier for the dance floor.

What makes a wonderful rehearsal dinner that everyone will enjoy as much as the wedding? You might have had a less-than-stellar rehearsal dinner at your first wedding, however you can ensure Rehearsal Dinner Mach 2 is exactly what you want. Being a groomsman is more than showing up in a tux and drinking with your buddies.

There’s numerous things to take care of to ensure the wedding is a raging success.

It’s metallic and lively but it’s blush undertone provides a raw, feminine burst of fashion.

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