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You can use online dating of course, but try a Slovakian mail server, you will get locals trying to find the guy next door. At first this might be hard because of the language, but you can use a translate tool or simply learn a little of the Slovakian language.

These are Slovakian mail servers where you can sign up and chat with Slovaks for free.

Slovakian girls are romantic and idealistic, play with players not with Slovakian ladies.

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Standing on philological peaks I flied up to the heights of academic degrees.

Artfully build the bridges between the shores of the Slavic cultures.

Romantic Slovakia Slovakia is so beautiful, it is a cheaper more affordable version of Switzerland. The standards are good you can rent a cheap apartment, if you have tons of money you can find luxury places.

The people are more peaceful than Germany or Poland but I think it is because they are some the countryside and nothing much is going on. The country is not a large country and you can drive and see the whole country in a week. If you have a girlfriend, Slovakian or not, it is a place to get away for romance.

You see Slovakian models like Alena Martanovicova, Michaela Hlaváčková or Andrea Lehotská walking down the street checking their cell phones everyday.