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Entrepreneurship and innovative solutions are highly welcomed in Estonia, which has strong start-up community and has also become known as Silicon Valley of Europe.Higher education in this small EU state comes at a good value, with relatively low tuition fee programmes, living costs and various scholarships for international students.Income tax must be paid only on profits that are paid out to shareholders.

Similar related dating site in estonia

Estonia became the OECD's 34th member country on 9 December 2010.

Tax system: 21% flat income tax, reinvested corporate profit is tax free; 20% VATInternational Credit Ratings Moody's: A1, outlook stable Standard & Poor's: AA-/A-1 , outlook stable Fitch: A , outlook stable Additional information: // between Eastern and Western Europe on the map, Estonia is also a border area, or more accurately a crossing point, in terms of culture.

Throughout the year there is a wide range of activities and events striving to meet and even exceed expectations of local inhabitants and their international guests.

Since regaining independence and a rise in living standards, there are more opportunities for travel and Estonians are eagerly seizing the chance to see the world.

The climate in Estonia is temperate and mild, characterised by warm summers and fairly severe winters.