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But He Ping’s mother strongly objects to their relationship, and the stress breaks the two apart.

Years later, Jia Qi meets Ruan Zheng Dong (Roy Chiu) and runs into He Ping again because he and Zheng Dong are childhood friends.

He further explained that they had distanced away a month after his birthday.

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Roy chiu dating

The storyline just didn't captivate my interest; the melodramatic stunts and overacting/annoyance of Tang Yan's character, Liu Xiaobei, were sometimes painful to watch.

I only persisted and gave it one last try after reading about Roy Chiu and Tang Yan's dating rumors on Sina weibo.

At last year’s race, Roy sticked a photo of Tiffany inside his racing car and took the second and third spot.

Responding about Tiffany’s photo inside Roy’s car last year, his manager replied coldly, “Because we didn’t stick the photo this year, so we won the race!

And the development of the story got somewhat more interesting after Episode 9.

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