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It becomes your only food source and subsequently the only thing you care about in life.

You become withdrawn from your family and friends and soon your apartment becomes a sea of Starbucks cups.

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This will immediately become an internet You Tube sensation.

Be prepared to be ridden by everyone in a 5 mile radius.

It dawned on me I was being a bit of a heinous bitch. How can I efficiently stalk and cure my curiosity if someone from my high school doesn’t tag who they’re dating? Scratch that: the world can see all but my friends, family, and chicks I merely tolerated in high school but pretended to like so I didn’t have to keep eating my lunch in the band practice room (Truth) don’t need to know who I’m dating.

I’ve tried to remedy this since then and be a little more sensitive on the internet. I can’t and then I’ll spend an hour flipping through their pictures guessing. On the flip side, I usually post my status so that other creepers like myself don’t have to work too hard. My manfriend doesn’t have a Facebook account, so I have no one to tag. However, now that I’m all the way out I wouldn’t mind the Facebook Official status so much if it didn’t break one of my big rules – no facebook friending the significant other.

Once a relationship is over, really really over - delete EVERYTHING.