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My dad taught me that you get a good job that has good benefits.

You spend your time, you get a gold watch, and you retire. I am delivering beer at a bar one time, and this—I hate to use the word “drunk”—this guy who was always at the bar said, “Son, what are you going to do with your life? I told him you have to have a city that is willing to put you through the police academy and all this other stuff.

The previous record was 32 hours, 51 minutes, set in 1979 by David Yarborough and Dave Heinz in a 1978 Jaguar XJS. The garage where we tape the show is just about a mile away, and we’ll cover it on the show. We were going to do the Bullrun Rally, and there was a team called the Bikini Bandits. Aaron and I decided it would be funny to go up against them.

It’s part of the trials and tribulations of Aaron and me trying to make a go at business. When I meet people, I’m like, “You’ve seen the photo.” You can tell by the look on their face.

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