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Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to support me.I simply would like my life partner to be able to pull his own weight and possibly “carry” me temporarily should I need it — and I would do the same for him. Is he pushing you to make a decision about tying the knot?

Imagine some different scenarios — both with and without your current boyfriend.

If you can’t imagine a happy future that doesn’t include your boyfriend, then for God’s sake, talk to him about how you’re feeling.

Bottom line, I don’t feel safe financially with him, but I do love him. I guess I’m a little confused about why you have a sudden need to make this either-or decision.

Should I marry him (and carry all the financial responsibility) or break up with him (and risk never finding another man who loves me as much)? Can’t you just enjoy your relationship without worrying right now about whether to marry or break up?

But women know deep inside no matter what we say in the end that is "exactly" what we are after.