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“I think journalists always bring it up in case their readers don’t know who I am,” she says flatly, trying very hard to suppress the hint of a moue.

“But I’d like to think that the public recognises me for some of my other work.

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Anna Friel is nestled deep inside a voluminous Joseph sweater that prettily swamps her waif-like frame.

Her hair is a chestnut tumble, brow smooth as a milkmaid, yet her wide green eyes are watchful as a startled cat.

As Ellie turns detective to discover the truth, Friel bravely looks an absolute fright most of the time; no make-up, gaunt, a diminished shell of a person.

“I hated watching myself afterwards, but grief is ugly and raw, and it would have made a mockery of the part if I’d been wearing foundation or lip gloss.

And now Mr Ifans – who has been linked to everyone from Kate Moss to Sienna Miller and Kimberley Stewart – seems something of a permanent fixture.