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The Subversion bridge is the gateway drug to the DVCS world.

The base command in Git for all the Subversion bridging commands is , you’re interacting with Subversion, which is a system that is far less sophisticated than Git.

This means you can do local branching and merging, use the staging area, use rebasing and cherry-picking, and so on, while your collaborators continue to work in their dark and ancient ways.

It’s a good way to sneak Git into the corporate environment and help your fellow developers become more efficient while you lobby to get the infrastructure changed to support Git fully.

All of these issues got resolved, the code was packaged up and pushed to the live servers. A few days later when it came to doing another live deploy, I got asked the question "why's SVN showing me a bunch of random files as being modified when I haven't touched them? Initially I had no good answer, we validated and diff'd the files against the base copies and no changes were there.