Rapidsvn error error while updating filelist options

But Rapid SVN does not do checkout at the file level. The user could checkout the entire repository from the Repository menu but often times this is undesirable due to time and space requirements to checkout a large repository.So instead the user can checkout the parent directory of the file to be worked on.

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Additionally, logging into the repository seems to succeed - in other words no error text is displayed. Cordes US Regional Adoption Manager, Reuters Reuters Messaging: To find out more about Reuters visit views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, exceptwhere the sender specifically states them to be the views of Reuters Ltd.

Opening Rapid SVN and adding an existing repository appears to be successufl.

If you have progressed this far then you have bookmarked a repository and a working copy.

If a file is added to a directory that already has an existing “working copy bookmark,” the file will appear in the right-hand window with a status of "unversioned".

To Rename: Select the file in the repository then from the Modify menu select Rename... The edit field in the dialog that appears for Copy, Move, and Rename works the same even though the wording is slightly different for each. An important thing to know about merging is that you merge the versions on your local machine, not on the remote repository. Assuming you want to merge branch1 and branch2, If you are merging a branch with a trunk (main) version, you may wish to have "Second working copy or URL" and "Destination path" both be the path to your main version. This can be discovered by selecting your remote repository in Bookmarks (you can't do this while the Merge dialog is open) and selecting "Log..." from the "Query" menu.

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