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So feel free to begin a discussion, pose a question, offer your feedback, and start connecting with other local singles right now!Um diese Datingseite zu nutzen, müssen sie sich GRATIS Anmelden (Klicken Sie hier) Wenn ein Problem aufkommt, lesen Sie bitte den Hilfeabschnitt Wenn Sie bereits angemeldet sind, loggen sie sich bitte unten ein.Set up is amazingly simple — initially, you select what you’re looking for, and in what zip code.

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As a community of more than 40 million individual opinions and ways of experiencing the world, we are always coming up with new ways for our users to meet, go on dates, and fall in love.

Our forums are just another great platform that allows our users to come together to communicate and share with each other.

Too bad most of the awesome women in the forums are in Canada. I am gonna have to say, by far this is the MOST FUN, and ENTERTAINING dating site... Please name one site that does not include those things also.

Makes a Texan like myself almost want to brave that frigid weather for a taste of what the counrty that gave us Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, and Phil Hartman has to offer . I like that it has the forums...which is kewl to see what people think... honestly this is the worst site I've come across so far for dating. Give it a chance here, you never know~ Is someone a loser because they hide thier identity?

You’ll also answer a few very simple Yes or No questions about the person you’re looking for, in relation to ethnicity, children, and smoking/drinking habits.