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Tom threatens to expose him unless he can join Jack’s sheep-rustling gang. Tom is almost caught, but Jack knocks out the policeman. Matt tells Jack that Dolly is pregnant and he agrees to marry her. Jack prevents the mine owner from defrauding him of proper compensation. Jessie is impressed by the talent and intelligence of fourteen-year-old pupil, Ronnie Fairburn, and tries to dissuade him from working in the mines.

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Will Scrimgour, a shell-shocked ex-soldier, beats a child who was tormenting him.

He is arrested and committed for trial despite Jack’s evidence about his condition.

Billy, who is working on a nearby farm, helps Jack obtain inside information, and Jack negotiates a good deal with Freddy and a large commission from Manners. Written by James Mitchell: featuring Lesley-Anne Down as Jane Cromer.

Jack is looking after Glaswegian socialist lecturer, Sandy Lewis, who is speaking at the Co-Op Hall.

He meets Jessie Seaton, a schoolteacher, her brother Tom and his fiancée Mary.