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Just know that going in means going in with open eyes and a preparation to take full responsibility if things do not work out this time around. Relationships are two-way streets where both partners are going to need to give as well as take.The only person who is exactly like you is you, so if the guy (or you) thinks that compromise means you're not compatible, that's a sign someone is not mature enough to be in a relationship. This push-and-pull dynamic is utterly heartbreaking for those who are actually invested, and as much as you give, it will always be received with a side eye.

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On the flip side, if you're constantly hearing the same things from people who love you in your life, you might want to take note.

There's no shame in having something to work on, but knowing and choosing to look the other way is not going to do your relationships any favors.

"Oh, you can change that" is a common statement tossed around between girlfriends.