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This is the same technique I use on my Fairbanks/Morse 45B turning a 3Kw genend. Regards Jim Perkins There are three main periods of Lister dating, all of it pretty much in the public domain.

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Thanks for the info, Both Peter and David get back with dates.

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Most folks keep the Compression Released, untill they have the machine spinning as fast as they can crank, then kick it off and continue to crank untill they get a few pops in a row, then slide the crank of the shaft. 40 02428 ACICO53 Power 6.5 r/m 3600 On starter-Magnet Marell? 4404962 is the code for 1994 (for some reason known only to Listers they add 50 to the first two digits to give year) and engine number 04962 .

Hot air down the air intake makes hand starting Listers a whole lot easier. 270180 12 V Date-25-99 Type-M79 (0.9) I think from a heating unit. As an ex Petter man I should not be answering your Lister query hope nobody finds out but already got the hair shirt out!

I'll scan the details of the later nameplate with the breakdown of the numbers, then you'll see where I am coming from :-)) Got your message as well, thanks. 00732 = Serial Number LT1 = Model LT, Single Cylinder (Yes, they did come as two cylinder.) A = Anticlockwise Rotation 30 = Year (Add 50 to the number) = 1980 00 = Build Number I am using the later numbering system as Lister never used leading zeroes on the earlier numbering system, and only used build numbers on the later system. does anyone have a good working starter theyd be willing to part with? ive been holding the compression release open, cranking it and gradually closing it until it started firing on its own... It's a much heavier duty design when compared to a die cast Yanmar style air cooled diesel. The AC1 was available in 2 variants, a direct injection and indirect injection. The AC1 was in production until just recently, so obtaining parts is not a problem.