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Kreayshawn and da brat dating

But what is refreshing about Kreyshawn’s discussing of her sexuality is that being out in hip-hop is still a taboo. For example, Lady Sovereign remained closeted until after she lost her deal with Def Jam, and Rainbow Noise, despite their “Imma Homo” going viral and getting tons of plays on the net, did not sign with a larger label or receive any further attention than some linkage on music blogs.

Kreayshawn, on the other hand, is rumored to have just signed a million dollar deal with Sony, though she tells She also feels like guys rap about things like “putting it [a girl’s] butt, getting her pregnant” and women still listen to the music.

Speaking for the underrepresented, they’re our soundtrack for minorities and marginalized groups around the globe, cracking open doors of opportunity for the next generation of openly queer and gender non-conforming music artists to follow. She extrapolates on the hypersexuality of a musical genre that remains male-dominated by challenging the double standards placed on women.

They’re from all over the globe kickin’ ass and takin’ names one record at a time. Brooke manages to be overtly sexual as she effortlessly satirizes the typical hip-hop subject matters like money, cars, clothes, and women.

But she’s attempting to make it “less disgusting.” And I have to say, I love the hook for “Gucci Gucci”: “One big room / full of bad bitches.”Besides being sexually free, Kreyshawn also hopes to encourage fans to be themselves, not to emulate her style and the kinds of things she wears or how she does her hair.