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However, by 1997 he had changed his mind and asked Mc Cabe to return (alongside new member Tong), reforming The Verve and releasing the very successful album Urban Hymns.

Ashcroft was at the forefront of the band's popularity, receiving an Ivor Novello Award for his songwriting However, the pressures of touring and the tensions within the band led to Mc Cabe's departure in mid-1998 and the announcement of the band's break-up in April 1999.

Instead, his next release was "Words Just Get in the Way", which charted lower than his previous single, peaking at No. The Verve broke up for a third time sometime between the last rehearsals in late 2008 and the summer of 2009.

It was announced in August 2009 by a band's friend.

D., who Richard sought after because he liked his work in the Jay-Z song "D. Ashcroft is currently working with a new band called RPA & The United Nations of Sound, who have released a promo single from the album called "Are You Ready? The album "United Nations of Sound" (former working title "Redemption") and the first proper single "Born Again" were released on 19 July 2010.