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MICHAEL: Kim, we can now add the character of Hope Logan to the “Peeping Toms” of daytime soaps, with her taking pictures with her i Phone of Wyatt taking a shower naked in the woods! Hope is like, “I thought we were the great love, not you and Steffy?

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KIM: Brad likes to watch scenes as we shoot them, and then he finds things in the chemistry that we have, or the way that we say a line, and that will spark an idea for him.

He really likes to observe the way that we act together and the way the scene goes, because that is going to spur on his creativity. Which is the best…especially for someone who is so hands-on, or should I say, eyes-on.

Enter Daytime Emmy winner Darin Brooks, formerly of .

Meanwhile, Hope takes a walk in the woods in Big Bear only to come upon Wyatt, naked and taking a shower! caught up with Darin and Kim to get their thoughts and insights into the burgeoning relationship between their on-screen alter-egos, what secrets Wyatt brings to the canvas, especially who he could be related to, and much more. Here now are self admitted goofballs, Darin Brooks and Kim Matula! Now it came at a very sad price, because Jacqueline Mac Innes Wood is not with us as much anymore, and that sucks. I am so stoked that the love triangle has changed, and now Hope maybe gets to have a little fun! I thought, “Oh, I can fit in here.” They were awesome and very welcoming.

You are going to come to find that there are a lot of opposites between Liam and Wyatt. MICHAEL: When do you think the viewers will pick up on who Wyatt really is, and how he is truly related to the canvas? ” MICHAEL: Was there an outline for the character of Wyatt that you worked with at the beginning of getting into the role? ” And I said, “Kind of a bad boy, because on DAYS I was so nice!