Inter racial dating statistics

” According to another statistics taken by the United States Census Bureau in 2010, the amount of interracial couples in the U. rose from: 310,000 to 651,000 between 19 accounting for 1.3% increase in the total number of married couples, 651,000 to 964,000 between 19 accounting for 1.8% increase, 964,000 to 1,464,000 between 19 accounting for 2.6% increase, and 1,464,000 to 2,340,000 between 20 accounting for 3.9% increase. Out of the total interracially married couples in 2010, White husband Black wife falls at 0.3% and White wife Black husband falls at 8.6%.

From the statistics above, it can be clearly seen that interracial marriage in the U. One can easily see from the detailed statistics above that the reasoning of Americans as regards to interracial marriages has greatly changed but the rate at which the actual marriages occur is still rising.

The research made use of data taken from a 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and analyzed close to 6,000 men and women varying between the ages of 15 years and 44 years who had been married to a person of a separate race, over a period of ten years.

The study turned up some interesting observations – Divorce over time There is a 41 percent chance that an interracial marriage will swirl out of control.

Multiple Factors at Work Most studies conducted on interracial marriages conclude that same race marriages tend to last longer.