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30 Russian Profile Pic Fails that will make you give up on dating forever or extremely happy that you have already tied the knot. still not sexy Fearless Fedot – Ninja Warrior of the paddle court, still not sexy Plucky Petrushka – Cock-a-doodle-don’t Desya the Desperate – Reply now or fish gets it Shining Shura – She loves Stephen King novels…

and a dog Princess Polina – She’ll serve finest vodkas while you relax and enjoy Russian remakes of “Married With Children” on her fine 19″ color TV.

Statistics continually prove that most of us are a deeply shallow bunch of individuals who won’t talk to anyone without a picture. Love might be blind, but there is little point in spending time building a relationship online when that person might turn out to be your neighbour’s husband moonlighting as a twentysomething singleton.

But their apparent success testifies to the booming South Korean matchmaking industry.