Funny craigslist dating ads

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Funny craigslist dating ads

Read it below and I’ll explain why this ad worked well enough that I still catch people ripping the add off to this day. How about the cat that’s contemplating using my balls as a scratching post every time I walk around in my boxers? – That’s great, because staying home or going out and doing something are pretty much the only two options you have.

I’ve been an avid reader, occasional poster and extremely rare responder of the Craigslist personals for about a year now, and I’ve noticed some common (and hilarious) threads of interest among the women of Fort Collins. I think I’ll exit stage right before the fucker eats my socks again. Have you ever met a straight guy that wants to go dancing? I do know one guy, but he’s from Puerto Rico or something. So in conclusion, I say the luck of the Irish be with you lovely ladies of Fort Collins in your search for a badass Daniel Craig-era James Bond lookalike that will dance the Macarena with Mr. I also attached a pic of Daniel Craig holding a poodle.

Beautiful, nearly new, first generation 128 gigabyte Apple i Pad Air in White and Silver for sale with neoprene zippered case and sync cord.

This was given as the first of many expensive and heartfelt gifts over the course of a year to a duplicitous, deceitful, thieving and dishonest lying live-in es…I am a college student studying marketing at Pitt.

At the moment, I have a couple other irons in the fire. One of the ideas we had was a yard waste cleaning service.