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They’re still enjoying each other’s company or are contracted out for some meager tabloid space though, because they’ve been seen out yet again. I like that she’s going for hot and relatively unknown this time.

The dude is doing well for himself and is starring on USA’s “Necessary Roughness,” but it’s not like he’s exceptionally rich or famous. I’m in the states now but I lived in Berlin for about four years and I was there all summer.

In a new book, 'Questo Amore' by Italian journalist Bruno Vespa, she said: "He has been special for me, and very important, just as a father would be.

Between us there was more of a father-daughter relationship.

Elisabetta Canalis has sparked rumors she has moved on from ex-boyfriend George Clooney after she was reportedly spotted on a date with True Blood's Mehcad Brooks.