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À la mort de Mehmed II, leur père, Bayezid était gouverneur des provinces de Sivas, Tokat et Amasya, alors que Zizim régnait sur les provinces de Karaman et Konya.

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He begged Vader not to attack, but Vader, in his anger, refused to listen and attacked, to no avail as his left arm and both legs were severed upon attack.

Following an impassioned indictment by Kenobi of how Vader, believed to have been the Chosen One, was meant to destroy the Sith instead of joining them, Vader's body burst into flames from the intense heat from the lava river, and he was burned alive.

Kenobi and Vader soon found themselves trapped on a structure collection arm connected on the facility when it was separated from the facility by the lava and descended onto a hot stream.

Kenobi managed to fall onto a lava skiff that was heading in the opposite direction of the fallen collection arm in the stream.

Unable, but most likely unwilling, to connect with his former best friend, the Sith was consumed by the fires of the lava that leaked onto the lava bend; leaving Vader to die, Kenobi retreated and took his fallen apprentice's lightsaber.