Developmental disabilities dating

Abstract Meaningful relationships with others are often elusive for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, but no less desired for their full inclusion and participation in society.

It is well documented that people with disabilities are victims of interpersonal violence at higher rates than peers without disabilities.

ABSTRACT: Family life and sexual health (FLASH) is the chosen sexuality education curriculum for special education in both King County (Washington) and Multnomah County (Oregon), the most populous in the two states.

Using discourse analysis to examine the FLASH curriculum, I deconstruct and highlight the dominant discourse(s) and discursive frameworks that construct and maintain the concept of intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD) as it has historically been understood.

I argue that FLASH, similar to other sexuality education curricula for special education, highlights the discourse of I/DD over sexuality.

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This article presents a formative evaluation of the Friendships and Dating Program (FDP).