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Kate managed to slip in and out of the ballroom without anyone noticing, and she likely made such a clean getaway because Derek and Nastia danced first — she probably left right after their incredible performance.

that Kate and Derek “were totally kissing” while they enjoyed dinner at The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles.

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, partook in an epic dance war this holiday season — and they captured it all on video.

Nina Dobrev, a good friend to Julianne, hopped on board Team Hough, whose choreography duked it out against Maria Menounos‘ brood.

Derek also posted a pic of both of his feet bandaged on Instagram, writing, "Just getting home from the hospital. I'm in utter disbelief." He also later deleted the update.

No word yet on how Derek's injury will affect his future on the show this season, but a source tells E!

Stars Post Pics from the Hospital Unfortunately, that changed Monday night when Derek ended up in the hospital.