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When printing your document, you may not want Word to include these changes in the printout.

You can instruct the program to warn you if you try to print and there are any tracked changes or comments in the document.

If you want to copy text from one document to another, with tracked changes intact, you'll need the info in this tip.

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Disabling Track Changes Completely Have you ever had problems with a document because you accidentally pressed a keyboard shortcut?

The good news is that you can disable individual shortcuts. Displaying Edits by Date Track Changes is a great tool; it allows you to see what changes were made in a document and then determine whether you want to accept those changes or not.

Hiding Formatting Changes in Track Changes Word can easily (and handily) keep track of changes you make in your document.

You may not want all your changes tracked, however.

It could be very helpful to view changes by the date on which they were made.