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Avoiding Hurt Feelings for Being Online I think there is a way to address my reader’s dilemma.Just as I encourage women to communicate if they want to be exclusive, it is also very helpful to be clear when you’re not looking to jump into a relationship.

Turn off the text preview on your phone, and hey, why are you texting on a date, anyway? You really shouldn’t be dating eight tortured musicians who live within a five-mile radius of one another.

Anyway, the whole point of dating is to try out totally different types of people.

Some of my most popular articles are in regards to women who are struggling to get the man that are dating exclusively to take their profile down.

This is driven in part because Match shows the last time someone was active and will also show when they are currently online.

Consider an artist (always free, no money), a banker (free on weekends, nice dinners), a bouncer (good club access, different date shifts), a marketing dude (free for happy hour, split the bill), whatever — so long as you avoid seeing two of a kind. Some people are able to swing two rendezvouses in a day; others need weeklong gaps. Telling your coworker about the awesome date you had with Dude A, and then bumping into that coworker when you’re out with Dude Q (that’s right, Q), and having your coworker go, “Oh, you must be Dude A!