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First Thessalonians instructs us to “abstain from all appearance of evil” (KJV).The better choice is to abstain from any action that could endanger one spiritually or give the impression to others of a careless attitude toward marriage.

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i believe it was wrong, but at the time i didn't think so. Actually - unless she walks away as an unbeliever, or she commits adultery and things are irreconcilable - you would still be committing adultery.

all i can do now is pray for forgiveness and believe that God will bless our marriage. If it's still recognized as a marriage by God nobody has any reason to be with another if they wish to follow God.

According to the Bible, marriage is a lifetime commitment. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matthew 19:6). There are three situations in which dating during the divorce process might occur.

The first is the case of a spouse who has biblical grounds for divorce.

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