Dating rituals of the north american wasp

Within Alberta, the highest diversity of aculeate wasps is found within the Prairie ecozone, a region that is coincidentally most severely impacted by human activity.

Many aculeate wasps live in sensitive habitats such as dune ecosystems, native prairie and badlands.

One impediment to understanding lichen ecology in Alberta is lack of a lichen flora.

Ultimately, we hope to create online interactive keys that support the more traditional flora in progress.

Finally, ABMI has also supported Curtis Bjork in his production of an updated list of Alberta's epiphytic microlichens (excluding Calicioid species), a key to those species, and illustrated species descriptions (in progress).

Despite their ecological value, we know very little about the Chironomid species found in Alberta.

Our research is focused on developing identification keys for Chironomid larvae and documenting the species present in the province.

Aculeate wasps are interesting because of their diverse and often complex behaviours associated with prey capture, nest construction, and rearing of the brood.

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