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The early church father Iraneus was brought up in Asia Minor studying at the feet of Polycarp and Polycarp was a student of the apostle John. Constantine had nothing to do with deciding on the books of the New Testament.

He convened the council to provide spiritual unity and a clear church position on an ongoing debate causing division within the newly christianized Roman Empire. It did relate to the deity of Christ but the issue was whether Jesus’ status was lesser than the Father—was he coeternal?

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This strong reliance on the New Testament is based in part on the religious belief that it was divinely inspired.

But it also based on the belief that it is an accurate historical record written by men who experienced the lives of Jesus and the apostles firsthand.

As one would expect, they contain some scribal errors.

In fact, "there is not a single copy wholly free from mistakes." That said, the variances are theologically inconsequential and the vast majority don't affect translation.

He has degrees from Wheaton College and Talbot School of Theology. Generally speaking, Paul’s letters were written between A. For example, the book Natural History, written by Pliny Secundus, has 7 manuscript copies with a 750-year gap between the earliest copy and the original text.