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Five enthusiastic thumbs up for this classic microphone.The evolution of multicellular animals (Metazoa) from their unicellular ancestors was a key transition that was accompanied by the emergence and diversification of gene families associated with multicellularity.This old bulletproof mike is great for the broadcast quality and "Network" sound with my Drake TR-7 on AM.

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My example is a beautifully finished die cast satin chrome classic.

They were also available in a non reflecting gray and (hold on! Depending on how you wire the connector (a screw lock Wirepro, (which is still available BTW)) you can have balanced low impedance or high impedance operation.

Given that a EV 664 can be purchased for ~ $50 on EBAY, the EV 664 makes for quite an economical SSB audio improvement !

I used to own an original 664, but wanted a little smaller mike for my compact shack. The EV-664A, which is a smaller and later version of the original "Buchanan hammer". If you can get a working model for a good price you won't regret it.

A beautiful looking and sounding mike, even if it doesn't quite have as much low-end response as the original. I used to drool over the 664 back in 1970, so when I saw one on QRZ. I bought the black Radio shack mic stand for the 664 and it looks GREAT! This is a classic mic that still out performs many, many newer ones.