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She explains the benefits for the community Amish Mafia brings.

Two of them—who claim on the show to have just met—actually have a child together.

Steve is one of the most intimidating men in Lancaster which make him a tremendous asset to Levi.premiered on TLC last month, it was described by the network as an unscripted series about a group of Amish people "leaving their communities for the first time;" the cameras purportedly followed their first experiences with electricity, cell phones, indoor plumbing, and cars.

But recent court documents, arrest records and Facebook profiles prove that not only had the cast members left the religion for the secular world years ago.

The first bombshell came when it was revealed that one cast member, Jeremiah Raber—who claims on the show that he needs to "find out" who he is by leaving his family's farm for the "first time"—left the Amish when he was 18.(He is now in his thirties.) For six years, Raber was married to fellow defector Naomi Stutzman, with whom he had three children.