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See full summary ยป I am completely hooked on this series. I do think that the controversy surrounding this show is a bit ignorant.

People think, "Oh, why do all the maids have to be Latina?

" like as if it's really trying to exaggerate the fact that "all maids are Latinas" or vice versa, or the fact that all Latina women can only land stereotypical roles like being a maid. Can we not just enjoy the fact that they have a show, with an all Latina cast, that is very enjoyable to watch?

I think we have all risen from the ignorant, one-sided thinking of "all Latinas are maids" least most us should have. It shows that Latina women, even with being a maid, can be devious, have another side to them, have excitement in their life. This show breaks the ties from your "stereotypical" Latina maid, it helps you realize that there are all different types of Latina women, and different types of maids.

Later, she decided to pursue acting seriously and studied at the Actor`s Workshop in New York City under Flo Greeberg.