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This study found that as more people used the Internet, marriage rates actually increased.Not to say that online dating created higher rates of marriage, but it certainly didn’t cause them to drop.

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Tinder, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Plentyof Fish,, and even Craigs List are just a couple of examples of websites or apps that allow single people look for dates, relationships, or whatever they’re looking for tonight.

According to this article, online dating has three main pros: choice, convenience, and its game-like nature.

“These tools have had a powerful effect on our ability to be choosy. These are benefits for all daters, not just entitled, sexist stockbrokers.” Casey will graduate from Cal Poly SLO at the end of August (woo!

) with a journalism degree and an English minor - so basically, she's obsessed with words.

For example, this study found that online dating can be a huge asset to people who have “thin dating markets,” such as LGBTQIA people. There’s less worry about who’s looking for someone, less worrying about who’s taken or not.