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Said another way, the believer won't steer the unbeliever into godliness; the unbeliever will steer the believer away from obedience.

This is why Paul quotes in 2Cor -17 from the Law in reminding the church that the Lord ordered believers to separate themselves from committed associations with unbelievers to avoid their negative influences.

Some Christians marry unbelievers thinking they will be the stronger "ox" in the relationship, pulling their unbelieving spouse into the straight and narrow path of obedience to God, but the Bible teachers that obedience is always predicated on faith in the Gospel: Furthermore, no one can persuade or force an unbeliever to become born-again.

Spiritual conversation is a change that God alone produces in the heart of an individual, and therefore marrying an unbeliever in the expectation of converting them is a foolish and presumptuous decision.

When a farmer prepared to plow his field, he yoked two oxen together to pull the plow blade through the soil.

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