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Here’s who the former contestants chose and what they had to say about it: , season 14): Brad should choose Chantal O’Brien. Chantal seems really down to earth and open to falling in love.It looks like he feels natural and comfortable with her. David Good (, season 5): Chantal O’Brien has a great family and a beautiful mother.Based on Womack’s infamous dumping of both De Anna Papas and Jenni Croft in season 11, many fans wonder if he’ll leave his final two picks heartbroken as well.

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, Brad Womack, will give that final rose to on March 14.

It’s down to this season’s two fan favorites: soft-spoken southern mother Emily Maynard and sassy, slaphappy divorcee Chantal O’Brien.

and throws in tiny bedazzled pink Converse “if I ever have a girl,” she wrote.

Chantal O'Brien (born in 1982) is the step-daughter of former Seattle Seahawks defensive back, Mike O'Brien, and a contestant on Season 15 of "The Bachelor." She is best known for slapping bachelor Brad Womack in the face "on behalf of all the scorned women in America." ABC is promoting "The Bachelor" with a slap to the face by a contestant, but the victim tells TMZ he doesn't want her prosecuted.

Brad tells TMZ, "I think Chantal was just trying to make a…