Free teen sex dating sites with no memberhip - Aries man dating aquarius woman

Aries men definitely do seem to push the right buttons in me.

Their jealousy and flirtatious nature would stop me having a serious relationship with one though!

I am an Aquarius woman and have been having a casual relationship with an Aries male for over a year now.

the sex is fantastic, and yes I am very adventurous, the chemistry between us is amazing.

Even though the sex Is not often as I would like It to be, I have found that our relationship Is so much bigger than sex. The bad thing with Aries Is that they are very flirty with other girls!!

We connect on so many levels that I feel as If we were made for each other. We have so much fun together we never get bored with each other. I'm an Aquarius woman, I must admit that I do enjoy things that are sort of rough.

He Is so sexy and I know we would have great conversation...relationship.. and great sex but he does not like girls that smoke...