Why camsex girls are boring

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Why camsex girls are boring-53

If you choose to pay attention I promise it will pay off: From an evolutionary perspective, the ‘nicest’ people (especially nice MEN); the people who like to please people, only have to be nice because they don’t have too many mating “options”. Well, because, people who have many, many ‘options’ and potential suitors at their door rarely even have the brain space to go out of their way to please people.

There simply is no need to please, because there is always a 10/10 option out there for them. As much of a bitch as you may seem when you publicly slap a man and walk off after he said something demeaning, you are also exciting.

) or a bad potential mate or not, being overly ‘nice’ and agreeable STILL sends this subconscious message to people: I don’t have too many options at my door. And in fact, it was the MAN she slapped who e-mailed me for advice.

And here’s the thing: sex is at the bottom of pretty much everything we do. I later got talking to this lovely lady as well, who is full of depth and a strong sense of self worth).

Their life is far too exciting, and the other high status people they hang around are far too engaging. (a woman named Stephanie who emailed me recently proved this.