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Death has a funny way of making daily life feel inconsequential and meaningless.

But, if you want to start over and be a happy, fulfilled woman in your 60s, you need to figure what will make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Life is a grand and glorious experience, and I liken my life to strolling through a sunny meadow, gathering wildflowers of experiences to take back with me.

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There is no avoiding the holidays, but you can find ways to cope with both the grief that change brings and the stress of the holidays, anniversaries, or birthday celebrations.

Recognize that holidays and special occasions will be different from now on.

While there is no one way to grieve as a widow, many women respond in similar ways.

Starting over in the second half of your life is more stressful and difficult for many women.

I facilitated a variety of support groups through my practicum (I have a Master of Social Work), and I’m amazed and humbled by the power of support groups to help women grieve, cope, and heal. It’s dimmed, but it’s flickering and your light isn’t out yet.