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(window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.width 'x' window.device Pixel Ratio*screen.height) :(screen.width 'x' screen.height)); this.remove Attribute('onclick')" class="mi" An Oasis in a Sea of Hate-Chapter Two—An Oasis in a Sea of Hate Chapter 2Zeb Makes a Friend—Dedicated to Ahsoka114 on Deviant Art for her wonderful work.—(All named characters are the property of Disney.)—আ— Continued from the previous chapter: landed.It really didn't matter where they were, just as long as they were far enough away from the Sarlacc, and it also didn't matter because this planet looked all the same wherever you went.

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Mc Daniel, Reuben, (Discharged at Demopolis.) Morrison, William. Tlie mortar fleet day and night was doing its work since the investment.

The enemy charged our works in front of Herbert's Brigade and were repulsed with great loss. Wednesday, 20th of May, remained in trt^nches all day. Fallon of Company "E" and Sims of Company "D" were killed and several wounded, Thursday, 21st, continued shelling and sharp-shoot- ing all day. Friday, 22nd May, at dawn the shelling and sharp-shooting commenced furi- ously. Alan}' nn)vements of encany's ti'oops, hut no battle.

In the evening a severe battle was fought on our left. Jones, Company "B" while on picket was shot through the arm near shoulder and his left arm amputated.

On Monday, the 18th of May, the enemy continued the investment of Vicks- burg on the rear from Snider's Bluff to Warrenton, and cannonaded the line all day, feeling for our sharp-shooters, and otherwise reconnoitering our lines and getting their batteries in position to shell our lines. During the morning the cannonading and skirmishing on our lines was incessant. Davis of Company "G" was killed, and several in the 40th Alabama wounded. The lirin*;- ceased alon;^- the whoh; liiu', and a rian^enieuls were tuaih- to bury the enemy's dead, in)W vei\' (d Veusi\c to o Ul' nu'ii in the trenches.

On the morning of the 17th tlu; lleginient took up tlu; line of march for Jackson, ]^liss. The Gtli day of May previ- ously the Regiment remained at the mouth of Rt)il- ing Fork all day getting the baggage of the R3, the garrison at Vicksburg took their [)osition in the trencht^s in order of battle. Then occui-re■'■'•.*« 36 29th, Friday, at dawn a furious cannonading C(Mti- monced. It was a disagi'eeabhj night in the ti't^ntdu's Thurs- day, Jnne I 1th, early it (deared up ami we had a better time though very hot in the tren(du;s. No signs of an assanlt, but on the contrary the enemy intrenching in front.