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Daniel Weiss, media and sexuality analyst for Focus on the Family and project manager for Pure Intimacy.org, offers the following perspective on pornography: “Through much of our nation’s history, Americans have intuitively understood the danger to family and community posed by pornographic and obscene material. Starting in the early twentieth century, increased automation, communication and entertainment options brought about a more materialistic view of the world.

Movements promoting eugenics became popular and influential.

It is having a damaging impact on intimacy and sexuality.” Michael Flood, research fellow in gender studies at La Trobe University and co-author of the 2003 report Youth and Pornography in Australia.

Cited by: Adele Horin, (2007, May 26), How cyber porn is wrecking relationships, “The sex became impersonal and aggressive: It became more ‘porn’ style — pulling my hair, no kissing, slapping around a bit, all stuff I was initially okay with.

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