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Try these methods of posing and tips for becoming photogenic and in no time be the model-esque friend all your buddies brag about.

Do you want to get a sexy, amazing face or are you just unhappy with those fat cheeks (and double chin) that make you look and feel fat without being fat?

But don't just point your camera at your face and take a shot without planning—there's an art to taking attention-grabbing selfies that your friends will love seeing in their feeds.

Focusing on Your Face Posing Your Body Considering the Photos Community Q&A Having your photo taken can seem like a frightening endeavor, especially when it seems that you never look quite as good in portraits as you do in reality.

Striking a Pose Setting the Scene for Even Better Selfies Uploading and Managing Your Selfies Community Q&A Taking selfies is a fun way to show the world your confidence, personality and fashion sense.