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One prime factor for negative health outcomes for mothers and babies appears to be a high rate of unnecessary caesarian sections, performed at hospitals and conventional birthing centers that are more interested in following a strict schedule than allowing the mother’s body to direct the birthing process.

About a third of all births in the United States are performed via c-section, according to the CDC, far more than the number necessary to preserve the health of the mother or child.

“A calm and unrushed approach to vaginal birth improved the health of new mothers by lowering overall trauma rates and reducing the need for suturing,” the study notes.

“Attendance by caregivers who are confident in normal birth, such as the midwives who conducted this trial, supports the natural unfolding of the birth process and, thus, reduces maternal injury.” Anther study that looked at data from 20 birthing centers in the United States found that numerous c-sections are performed unnecessarily, regardless of whether the mother or baby showed high risk signs that would call for the invasive surgery.

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